10 Must Have Apps for College Students

The modern cell phone. A powerful tool. More powerful than a spaceship in the ‘60s (and spaceships were still pretty powerful if you weren’t aware). Conveniently, the overwhelming majority of us have this extraordinary power available to us in the form of the iPhone (or Android—if that’s how you roll). And on these phones of ours are an abundant variety of apps that can perform virtually any task that comes to mind. Basically, these apps can make life much easier. But are you using these to your advantage? Have you discovered apps that can help you and give you more time to relax, party, or study? Well, rather than scour the app stores in search of the perfect apps, allow me to suggest 10 must-have apps that’ll make any college student’s life easier.


#1 Sleeptime

Optimize your sleep schedule with the Sleeptime App

A quality college life begins with a quality mind. And a quality mind begins with quality sleep. The sleeptime app ensures you wake up each night feeling fully rejuvenated. More than just your typical alarm clock, Sleeptime tracks your movements in order to wake you up during the most optimal time of your sleep cycle.


#2 MyFitnessPal

Track your calories and set fitness goals with the MyFitnessPal App

One of the biggest regrets college graduates have is not watching their health more carefully as a student. Don’t make the same mistake! During college, most of us reach that age where our metabolism begins to slow. Combined with the excessive drinking that takes place and constantly sitting, this could lead to a recipe for bad health. MyFitnessPal allows you to easily track calories consumed and check the nutrition value of foods by scanning a barcode with your camera. I’m a personal advocate of this app and it never disappoints!


#3 Quizlet

Use this app to study notes and flashcards on the go!

As mentioned in a previous post, Quizlet is an amazing tool for students! The app version is no different! Any flashcards you’ve saved or created can be easily accessed on the go. You can also access the quizzes and tests to help you study more efficiently in between classes.


#4 Studious

One of the best things I’ve learned is that a planner is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. For those of you that don’t want to throw out 5-15 bucks on a planner. Studious is the next best option. Using alarms and notifications to remind you of upcoming test and assignments, you’ll never forget a task ever again. As a bonus, Studious can silence your phone during class, saving you from the panic that arises when your Justin Bieber ringtone plays during that Monday morning lecture. Believe me when I say that you and your professors will be thankful.


#5 RealCalcScientificCalculator

If you haven’t found out yet, you will soon discover that Scientific calculators can be expensive. Now, of course, the price can vary dramatically but why buy a calculator when you don’t need to? Sometimes, as a college student, you just don’t have the cash to fork over. RealCalc solves that problem for you. If you’re trying to save cash, RealCalc is perfect for using your phone (or computer) to solve varying levels of trigonometry and calculus equations. It provides the same functions as a standard scientific calculator (and a little more) but for FREE.


#6 EasyBib

Cite sources with ease using the EasyBib App

One of the most time-consuming and obnoxious parts of writing a paper is the bibliography. Whether its APA format, MLA, or even Chicago style, it can be a hassle to get the format down and organize everything properly. Have no fear! Easybib is here to take care of the organization and format of your resources. Trust me, if your major requires you to do extensive research and write an abundance of papers, this app will save you loads of time and stress.


#7 MyStudyLife

Another planner app. This app’s easy to use interface allows you to efficiently organize and budget your time by managing your exams and projects and even keep track of your assignments’ progress. This is another app that can be accessed from any device through the cloud.


#8 Mint

Budget your cash efficiently with the Mint app!

Budgeting is an important part of college life. For many of us, money can be a little scarce so it’s important to keep track of it as much as possible and as often as you can. Mint allows you to keep track of all your banking accounts (checking, saving, credit card, etc) in one neat, organized location. Believe me, you’ll be glad you downloaded this app. You won’t have to be the guy in line who’s card keeps getting declined.


#9 Dropbox

Another personal favorite of mine! Dropbox can connect to all devices in order to store any and all files that you may possibly possess. With this app, you’re able to store a file from virtually any internet-accessible location. From personal experience, I must admit that this is one of the most convenient and reliable apps that I have. If you ever have a presentation or an assignment that you need to edit from multiple locations, this will beat using a USB! It’s simply fast, efficient, and reliable.


#10 Evernote

Perhaps one of the most versatile and useful apps you can have on your phone. Evernote allows you to make lists and notes easily in order to access them from any device available. One of the best features is the ability to set keywords to your notes in order to access them quickly at any time (basically Ctrl+F with all of your documents). With Evernote, you’ll no longer need to fumble through notes and waste your precious time.


With these 10 apps, you’ll be on your way to conquering your college life! Which of these apps are most helpful to you?Do you have any other apps that you found useful? Let me know in the comment section below. And of course, thanks for reading!