7 Drinking Games YOU SHOULD KNOW!


Drinking games. A common practice in college life. One who can master a drinking game is one step closer to mastering their college social game. Of course, knowing how to spice up an event wouldn’t hurt. Below I’ll give you 7 drinking games that you should definitely know AND USE in college!

Beer Pong


What you Need:

  • 2 teams of two
  • table
  • plastic cups
  • ping pong ball
  • a hefty supply of beer or liquor

Right off the bat: Beer Pong. If this game is new to you, learn it and learn it fast. You’ll spend many a house party playing this college classic! It’s super simple to learn but can quickly become the most intense part of the night!

Flip Cup


What you need:

  • cups
  • table
  • beer or liquor
  • 2 teams of two

Another classic game. The great part about this game is its sheer simplicity. Easy to set up, this game will ensure a great time. Be sure to get competitive!



A true test of skill and technique

What you need:

  • 2 quarters
  • beer or liquor
  • 2 shot glasses

Not a game for beginners. This game requires quite a bit of skill and experience to get a feel for how to bounce your quarters. If this is your first or even second time playing, prepare to down a few drinks before you expect to start claiming victims. Be warned! In some versions of this game, the game continues even while you need to drink. If you aren’t hasty you could easily find yourself with a ton of drinks piling up.



What you need:

  • 2 die
  • beer
  • 2 cups
  • 2 teams of 2
  • Stopwatch/timer

This is more of a secret gem. Not many people play this epic game but those that do will surely have a few stories to tell. Like real boxing, this game is about technique and endurance…and a little luck doesn’t hurt. Prepare to see the spew fly as you or your opponent will certainly puke at least once.

While the version in the video is in more slow paced version, the better, more hardcore version involves a partner filling up your cup each time you drink. There’s no stopping until you hear the ding! Rounds can be anywhere from 1 minute and 30 seconds to 3 minutes (the ultimate challenge).

As a side note: most games end in a K.O!


What you need:

  • glass bottles (1 per player)
  • at least 1 quarter (probably going to need a few)
  • beer for each player

Get good at this game and always go for the win. It’s every man for himself in this game and the worst player will certainly get picked on at every opportunity. Don’t let that be you unless you prefer constantly chugging beer with no time to stop for air.



What you need:

  • cups (lots of them)
  • beer (lots of it)
  • ping pong ball
  • lots of players

This game gets complicated but it’s a great time for those with a lot of guests and some spare time. There’s a lot going on in this game like real baseball. It’s a true test of skill, focus, technique, and wit. Bring your A-game for this one. Not a game for newbies!

Stack Cup


What you need:

  • beer (lots of it)
  • cups
  • 2 pong balls

The less aggressive little brother of slap cup, stack cup is a great game to play no matter how many people you have. In essence, it’s the same as slap cup although when the two cups meet, you simply stack the cup and pass it along. Although you don’t get the glory of slapping beer all over your friend (or enemy), you won’t have much of a mess afterward. Remember, get the ball in the cup and pass it on! Don’t waste time and don’t hesitate unless you wanna get stacked!

Bonus Game: Roxanne


What you need:

  • beer (for each player)
  • the song Roxanne

Oh so simple but oh so fun. Crank up the song Roxanne by The Police and get your beer ready! This game is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

There you have it! 7 awesome games (plus one extra) that’ll make any event you have in college (or after) fun and exciting. As you can see, most of these games require nothing more than a few cups, a pong ball or two, and some friends. And beer of course! With this arsenal of games, you have the tools to have fun and be the life of party.

P.S: Drink Safely!

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