8 More Useful Websites for Students



In a recent post, I discussed several websites designed to support and benefit college students. Of course, there are a wide variety of different concerns that college students may have. For that reason, I decided to do some more digging and find 10 more websites that can greatly aid college (and high school) students. Each website has been used by yours truly and is given from my perspective of what I believe college students might desire or find helpful in their daily lives. Keep in mind that this list is not presented in any specific order. Rather, the order of the list is random as every website has a distinct function that could range from helping you in class to aiding you in your weekend plans. If you think there are other websites that could have been on this list, check out my first article and see if the website is listed there. Hopefully, this list is beneficial to you!




Founded by Massachusetts University and Harvard University, EdX is a website designed to grant you the opportunity to continue your pursuit of education. What this website provides is access to free classes from many diverse universities. Classes from Georgetown, Harvard, Boston, Cornell, and considerably more are providing online courses that can be taken at one’s own leisure. Of course, a primary incentive to take these courses is that they’re free! While this site can certainly be used as a general aid, it can also allow you to take your comprehension of a subject to the next level. Additionally, you can take the more proactive approach and learn new skills to add to your repertoire that can assist you post-college. Of course, as an added bonus, it is possible to pay for courses you take to be accredited. While this may not potentially seem beneficial at face value if you’re at another university, it’s important to consider that taking a course from Harvard or another top university likely wouldn’t hurt your resume.





This website could potentially serve as your ultimate resource. Wolframaplha.com essentially acts as an encyclopedia that directly provides solutions to your questions and problems. As an all-around useful tool, this page has computational capabilities, allowing you request step-by-step math solutions, examine specific events and details, and even explore specific and up to date statistics. By no means does this come close to the limitations of this website. I found myself exploring and typing in various questions and was amazed to learn how efficient the page is and how specific the answers it provides are. While every college major can certainly benefit from this heavily, I highly suggest that Engineers and those in Math-based majors check this site out! You could save yourself a lot of time, stress, and frustration.




The phrase broke college student is commonly uttered on campuses country-wide. There’s no surprise that the demands of college can be very expensive. Unfortunately, tips and methods to save money and efficiently budget are never emphasized during college (and even afterward). This website is a game changer! While giving you basic tips on how to budget and spend wisely as a student, this page also gives detailed information for students about loans, financial education, and even investments. Not only can you understand your finances much better while in college, you’ll also set yourself up for a better future by being a step ahead of the norm.




CourseHero is designed to provide assistance to the academic life of student’s. Provided are online tutors to answer your questions as well as course materials like flashcards. One of the most interesting and useful features of this website is the ability to search for university and professor’s course in order to compare and utilize different notes from other students. I managed to find some of my old classes in order to review the notes available and, to my surprise, the notes were fairly valid. It’s important to note that every semester, the information taught can slightly change. With that in mind, this website has its uses but won’t replace taking notes in class. Instead, I’d recommend this website as an aid to your classes when there are concepts you might not understand or perhaps details that might require further explanation. Also, keep in mind that the amount of information for each class varies. While one course may have a multitude of information from a variety of students, another course may only have a few notes. This is yet another reason to emphasize that this website should be used as an aid rather than as a substitution.





Imagine this scenario: It’s a Thursday night. You’re broke and hungry. With your stomach begging for sustenance, you make your way to the fridge. An egg. Some lettuce. Scant amounts of hot sauce. And a little milk. “What can I make with these”, you ask yourself. Have you ever found yourself in a similar scenario? Well, you could’ve used Myfridgefood.com. This website allows you to input various foods that you may have lying around and generate a list of recipes submitted. From there, all you need to do is pick the recipe and make your meal. I found myself playing around with this page for a bit, selecting random foods that shouldn’t go together in order to see what I’d come up with. The results astounded me! Definitely, give this page a look. Not only will you find amazing recipes, you’ll also receive nutritional information, calories, and an estimation of cooking time. As a bonus, you can sign in and save the recipes you find just for a future occasion.





As mentioned earlier, money is very important in college. Well, in case you weren’t aware, money is extremely important after college too (perhaps more so). Acorns is a simple website that allows you to create an account linked to a banking account of your choice. After doing so, you can begin investing the change from your transactions into an investment account. Once you manage to save about $5 in change, your bank automatically withdraws the funds and deposits it into your Acorns account. I prefer to use the phone app version of this website in order to keep an eye on my funds. Now, I know what you may be thinking: I don’t want to allow an app to access my bank account. It’s too invasive. Initially, I believed the same thing. However, I’ve been using this service for about 4 months and have never had any bank issues or security issues. Also, your money is insured just in case something does go wrong. I personally believe it’s important for college students to think more about the future and the long term and this is a quick and simple way to think about your future finances. In addition, there is a blog available on the website and the app that can provide tips and insight about investing and how investing works! Even if you’re cautious about your bank account (as you should be) you can still benefit by educating yourself! There’s also a similar app known as Stash but I recommend Acorns due to its ease of use, higher ratings, and more overall functions and features.





This is another blog site that advocates enjoying life without breaking the bank. While this site won’t provide specific financial advice or practical tips the way that Moneysavingexpert.com does, it does serve well as a general tool for blogs about lifestyle information, credit cards tips, and “lifehacks”. Rather than break down how to manage your money, this web page provides alternatives that you could do instead of spending your money. If you’re seeking some fast advice to get you thinking or moving in the right direction, I’d definitely suggest checking this page out.





Being a Freshman or a transfer student can be a tricky time. You’re new to the campus and you probably don’t know too many people yet. On top of that, the surrounding area is probably foreign to you. UCampus.com provides a solution to all of that! By searching for your school you can access a huge list of different events and venues in the town. The website is organized in a way that allows you to seek out specific categories for events or activities in the town and near the campus. Perhaps you want to join a yoga class? There are listings under the fitness category that will show you each yoga studio, the cost, and the location. Maybe you want to hit the bars tonight but don’t know what’s around? Ucampus has you covered in that area as well! In general, this is a great tool for every student or even resident near a college town. In particular, if you are a transfer student or freshman I would highly suggest using this site to save yourself a lot of trouble when it comes to seeking out things to do.