8 Websites to Enhance Your Life in College

College life brings an onslaught of new challenges. As a Freshman, you aren’t given any resources to make life easier. Sometimes, you get through your entire college life without getting the necessary tools—the tools that can truly enhance your college life. There’s a saying: Why work harder when you can work smarter. So I’ve decided to compile a list of web pages that’ll help you work smarter. Below are 8 websites that’ll boost your productivity, enhance the college experience, and make life a little easier for you.

#1 StudentRate.com

                                                Take advantage of these discounts and coupons

Take advantage of those college student perks that you might not have known you had. Using studentrate.com, you can gain access to tons of discounts and coupons on clothing, textbooks, and even dorm decor from a variety of stores like Forever 21, Barnes and Noble, and Express (just to name a few).

#2 NinjaEssays.org

            Useful in a pinch but does require a fee!

With NinjaEssays.org you can hire an expert to write your papers. Yes, you read that correctly, they will write your papers! Whether it’s a simple paper or a research paper on a specific topic, NinjaEssays will handle it for you! Unfortunately, this is NOT a free service. You will need to pay a premium amount depending on the type of paper that you’re requesting.  Also, it’s important to be cautious as there can be a bit of academic dishonesty involved here. However, if you’re in a crunch and willing to fork over a few bucks then give it a shot.


#3 Instagrok.com

                                      Make researching for a paper simple

Have a research paper but not quite sure where to begin? By typing in a topic or keyword on Instagrok.com, you can view a concept map that’s provides deails, videos, and links to assist you. With Instagrok, you can enhance the quality of your research and understand concepts a little more easily. If you sign up—for free, of course—you can also save and store notes for later use.


#4 Openstudy.com

Study with other knowledgeable sources and students

An excellent study tool to use if you don’t know anyone in your class! Openstudy.com allows you to seek advice from people online and study with a variety of other knowledgeable students. There’s an expansive list of subjects to join if you have any questions about any concepts you may have missed or didn’t understand in your class.


#5 Ratemyprofessor

Get insight on your professors and choose the one that’s best for you!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, choosing the proper professor is key to succeeding in college. Ratemyprofessor.com is one of the best websites at your disposal as it allows you to see reviews of professors and classes. The best part is that the reviews are from your fellow classmates so you can get a very good idea of how you’ll do in a specific class or with a specific professor.


#6 Koofers.com

Another excellent website! At Koofers.com, you can check out previous notes, quizzes, AND tests given by your professor. These tools will allow you to stay ahead of the game and plan your semester out accordingly, maximizing your time. But wait, there’s more! You can also search for internships and jobs using this website!


#7 KhanAcademy.org

Some classes are just difficult and sometimes your professor can’t explain the content well. That’s where KhanAcademy.org comes in! The videos on this site make it easier to grasp the content from your classes so you aren’t confused. There’s a wide variety of videos ranging from high school algebra to entrepeneurship. Take advantage of this site!


#8 Quizlet.com

Create custom flashcards and tests to help you ace your exams!

A personal favorite of mine! Quizlet allows you to make personal tests, quizzes, and note cards to enhance your studying experience—making information retention a hell of a lot easier! Make studying more fun by playing the games on Quizlet and viewing other users’ notecards.

Hopefully, these 8 websites will make your college experience at least a little easier! Do you know of any useful websites? Be sure to share in the comments section! And of course, thanks for reading!