What’s College Conqueror About?


college-conquerorCollegeConqueror —What is it?

Overall, the objective of CollegeConqueror is to provide some ease of access to relevant topics, information, and challenges that many of us face while in college and even after college.

College is an entirely new experience—very different from what many of us have grown accustomed to as we climbed through the grade school, junior high, and high school hierarchy. If you weren’t aware, college can even be overwhelming. I’ll be straightforward: there will be situations that you’ll approach and struggle with, only to wish someone had informed you about it in hindsight. Why not avoid it early on and save yourself the stress and hassle?

An example: learn to do laundry BEFORE going to college. It’s simple but you’d be surprised at how many people go to college and neglect to do laundry because they aren’t sure of what to do. You don’t want smelly clothes in college and if you care about your clothes and your cash, you’ll want to maintain the condition of your clothing for as long as possible. That’s just a minor example. Let’s up the ante. Wouldn’t it be nice to know a little about loans and taxes before you’re thrown into a world where you’re simply expected to understand these concepts?

But that’s where CollegeConqueror attempts to fit in! The overall objective is to provide you with some basic skills and tips to help you succeed—or conquer—during your life in college. Honestly, it’s not stated often enough but your experiences in college can, and most likely will, greatly impact your future and how you perceive the world around you.

But wait…

Allow me to step back a little bit. I understand. You’re probably wondering who I am and what gives me the credibility or even the audacity to help provide tips to high school and college students. Well, allow me to give you my reason why.

During my life as a college student…

I often felt misguided when it came to my intended career direction as well as my academic direction. Looking back, I didn’t choose my college effectively and based my decision mostly on reputation and the potential social benefits that I believe Penn State would provide—I heard it was a fun party school. Mistake number one. As a student I wasn’t sure what I wanted as far as a career. Honestly, that’s fair. I think there are plenty of people at that age (and much older) that don’t truly know what career is optimal for them (notice how I didn’t use the word preferred or desired). To be honest, I believe there are adults in their 30s,40s, and even 50s that never really knew what career would be best for them. I theorize that they also chose for less than optimal reasons and kind of just stuck with it—but I digress. Let’s get back to my story. I didn’t take the time to do enough research on careers and my classes just didn’t put me in a mindset to care (I am putting some blame on the class although most of the blame is on myself). Furthermore, as a student, I didn’t put forth my best efforts when it came to tackling my classes. I was so focused on the social aspect of college that I negated the academic aspect (which I think too many students also do). Unfortunately, it wasn’t until later on that I realized that I could be social and do amazingly in class. In fact, I learned some tricks that allowed me to have a higher course load than my peers, be more productive (I wrote a book during my senior year), AND have way more fun being social than I had during my previous years. And by the way, I scored amazingly during my final year in college while pulling all of that off.

As time elapsed, I found myself being forced to drop out of college for a short period of time. It was during this time that I worked at several jobs including Walmart, a movie theater, a restaurant/bar, and a convenience store. Needless to say, it wasn’t very fun (actually, it was downright depressing a lot of the time) but it did provide massive insight and it gave me a lot of time to think about my past and future and consider the decisions I had already made in life. Upon finally returning to school several years later, I had a brand new perspective of what college should be about and how to go about tackling academic life. My mind was ultimately changed. I realized that when you’re in college you tend to live in the moment. To a degree, the fun and the new setting is blinding and doesn’t allow one to accurately project into the future—our efforts into choosing who and what we’d like to be our more or less minimized and swept aside and we allow others (our peers, our parents, our emotional selves) to make decisions. These decisions tend to be less than well crafted.

For that reason, while I believe making mistakes is a great way to learn and grow, I also believe that avoiding simple mistakes (especially mistakes that may have critical consequences) is a necessity. Seriously, who wouldn’t want their life to be even a little easier with no strings attached?

With that being said, I’ll get into what you can expect.

Just to clarify: I am not an expert on anything that is or will ever be posted or presented on the Facebook Group or main Instagram page (which is where the primary information will be posted). The content is a combination of my personal advice, tips from other college graduates, and insight from various credible journals, books, and magazines that I’ve found from research.

Not everything posted will be 100% useful or even applicable to each individual. Some things just don’t work for every single individual. That tends to be the case with virtually everything in life. But the general purpose is to make your life a little easier by providing resources for your benefit.

With this blog, I intend to expand more on the content provided on the Instagram page by giving my experiences, citing any articles I use or read, and providing my personal opinions about the information. Additionally, I see this as a great way to keep in contact with anyone that may have comments or questions!

As a former college student myself. I would have loved the opportunity to have a resource that gave me some shortcuts or roadmaps—something that made my college life a little less stressful by giving me a heads up. That would’ve been a great gift! Well now, allow me the opportunity to try and provide the gift that I and every other college graduate never received.