What’s College Conqueror About?


college-conquerorCollege Conqueror —What is it?

The objective of College Conqueror is to provide some ease of access to relevant topics, information, and challenges that many of us face while in college and even after college.

College is an entirely new experience—very different from what many of us have grown accustomed to as we climbed through the grade school, junior high, and high school hierarchy. At times, College can even be Overwhelming. I’ll be straightforward: there will be situations that you’ll approach and struggle with, only to wish someone had informed you about it in hindsight.

An example: learn to do laundry BEFORE going to college. It’s simple but you’d be surprised at how many people go to college and neglect to do laundry because they aren’t sure of what to do. You don’t want smelly clothes in college and if you care about your clothes and your cash, you’ll want to maintain the condition of your clothing for as long as possible.

But that’s where College Conqueror attempts to fit in! The overall objective is to provide you with some basic skills and tips to help you succeed—or conquer—during your life in college. Honestly, it’s not stated often enough but your experiences in college can, and most likely will, greatly impact your future and how you perceive the world around you.

For that reason, while I believe making mistakes is a great way to learn and grow, I also believe that avoiding simple mistakes (especially mistakes that may have critical consequences) is a necessity. Seriously, who wouldn’t want their life to be even a little easier with no strings attached?

With that being said, I’ll get into what you can expect.

Just to clarify: I am not an expert on anything that is or will ever be posted or presented on the Facebook Group or main Instagram page (which is where the primary information will be posted). The content is a combination of my personal advice, tips from other college graduates, and insight from various credible journals and magazines that I’ve found from research.

Not everything posted will be 100% useful or even applicable to each individual. Some things just don’t work for every single individual. That tends to be the case with virtually everything in life. But the general purpose is to make your life a little easier by providing resources for your benefit.

With this blog, I intend to expand more on the content provided on the Instagram page by giving my experiences, citing any articles I use or read, and providing my personal opinions about the information. Additionally, I see this as a great way to keep in contact with anyone that may have comments or questions!

As a college student myself. I would’ve loved the opportunity to have a resource that gave me some shortcuts or roadmaps—something that made my college life a little less stressful by giving me a heads up. That would’ve been a great gift! Well now, allow me the opportunity to try and provide the gift that I and every other college graduate never received.