About Me


            Hey there! Didn’t see you standing there. What’s that? You wanted to know about me? Well…my full name is Leonard Richardson although all of my friends call me Lenny (and there’s some that refer to me by the occasional nickname of Leviticus-or Levi for short).

Currently, I’m just a humble student at Penn State University in his Senior year, on the verge of graduation. My goal is to receive a degree in Criminology, after which I plan on furthering my education experience by going on to Law School.

As somewhat of a hobby, I’ve recently begun to work on an Instagram profile known as CollegeConqueror. My hope is to gather information and resources that could be beneficial to high school students and college students as they embark on their college career and beyond. If you’re interested at all and wish to provide a little feedback then go check it out!

One of my main focuses in life is to continue learning. Not too long ago, I learned about the importance of constantly feeding your brain and never being satisfied with the status quo. I believe each individual should strive to better themselves each day.

How do I do this, you may be asking yourself? Well, you’ll always find me reading a book, taking care of my personal health at the gym, or adopting a new habit like the guitar in order to keep my mind sharp.

Hopefully, you enjoy the webpage. Also, if you would like to chat about anything at all, shoot me an email @lennyrich999@gmail.com