Better Than Gold-Check out this Ebook!

So, I Wrote an Ebook!

Good news everyone! Recently, I finished working on my first book entitled Better Than Gold: Effective Tips to Take Control of Your Time and Succeed in College, which is available on Amazon as an Ebook (click the link).

What’s this book about?

Well, this super short, yet informative manual is designed to help you redefine and consider the value of your time. Truly, I believe that time is far more valuable than any amount of money you could ever acquire. How do great leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes rise to such prominence?

One word: Time. Kobe Bryant used his time to master his craft, practicing thousands of shots each day and remaining steadfast and consistent. Dwayne Johnson, who has recently started his own company, is consistently seen in hit after hit, and has now been rumored to run for president in 2020, has an insane schedule that involves early mornings and late nights. Gary Vaynerchuk, a highly individual entrepreneur who consistently crushes it in the business world makes it clear that every second of his day is carefully used.

~And if you don’t believe me, check out the following videos and take a gander at their routines~



When it comes down to it, all of these leaders and so many more understand the value of their time. My book is to grind that concept into the brains of students while also providing methods to take back their time. I elaborate a little bit more in the book but as a student, I didn’t value time and its overall potential. I slacked off, watched tv, and found myself consumed with apps and pointless activities. As a consequence, my work performance was poor and I found myself always rushing to get work done.

It wasn’t until my Senior year of college that I realized that by just considering how much time you have in the day your work output can double or even triple WHILE crafting higher quality work. I know, it’s so simple but let me tell you, it’s so under-utilized.

With all of that being said, I encourage everyone to grab the e-book. At 5.99, it’s super cheap, easy to read, and I think full of beneficial information that can be used in college AND after college (trust me, I still utilize some of the concepts when I feel myself procrastinating and slacking off). As a benefit, it’s short enough to be read in a sitting (because your time is valuable). To further persuade you, I’ll provide a link to allow anyone to sample the e-book and check out the first section of the book (just so you can determine if you’ll enjoy it).

Of course, I would also appreciate everyone viewing, buying, and giving feedback on the book. Doing so will help support me and allow me to create more, beneficial content so that I can better support you all. Much appreciation and thank you!

Free Ebook Sample: Better Than Gold Ebook Promo