Casual Clothing for Class

Class-worthy Clothing

The beginning of the school year always feels great! It’s a new semester. There are new people to meet and tons of fresh experiences to be had. It’s common practice for many students to dress well and wear their best clothing early in the semester (at least if the weather permits). Suddenly, the week comes to a close. The next week has everyone sticking to outfits that are quickest to put on. If you’re a guy this tends to be a t-shirt and probably sweatpants or basketball shorts (or perhaps joggers for the more adventurous types). And if you’re a female, the t-shirt and yoga pant combo tends to be the default (at least from what I generally see).

I get it. Time is of the essence and it can be a hassle to plan out an outfit just to walk to class. However, in my opinion putting on a good outfit is worthwhile.

Whenever I find myself rocking a nice outfit, I feel on top of the world. My motivation is up and I find myself feeling extremely optimistic. This translates well into your social and class performance! The better you look, the better you feel about yourself. And the better you feel about yourself, the greater your overall output when it comes to your work and interactions.  You just feel more confident.

Now, while I’m no fashion expert, I do have a few outfits that I think works well for a college student. Unfortunately, my advice only works for men (since I know virtually nothing about women’s outfits).

It’s not uncommon to struggle when you try to decide what to wear. It needs to suit your personal style while also being comfortable.

My suggestion: try a plain white or black t-shirt and a pair of fitted jeans. That’s it! It’s super simple to wear and super easy to pull off.

This is a look that’s easy to put together, requires little time, and is ultra comfortable

If you’re ever in a rush, this outfit is fairly quick to put together. Besides that, it looks great on virtually anybody AND as a bonus, it’s affordable for college students. Just grab a pack of Hanes t-shirts from a nearby target or Walmart, grab a pair of jeans, and you’re good to go! As an added touch, throw on some shades to further compliment the style.

The best thing about this outfit is its cost effectiveness. It’s affordable even on a college student budget!

Think about it for a sec. If you buy the pack you typically get about three shirts for around $12 or so. And if you shop wisely, a good, lasting pair of jeans can only cost you about $15. Now, that’s $27 that can be spent on an outfit that can be worn over and over again (I don’t recommend the same jeans every day but jeans are very versatile and don’t need to be washed after every single use). To me, that’s a solid investment that’ll quickly pay off in the long term.

Give it a shot and let me know how you feel and what you think about you!


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