Why You Should Join Clubs on Campus


You Should Join a Campus Club One of the most common questions a college student tends to ask involves making friends in college and forming long lasting relationships. Even students in their Sophomore and Junior years can have this issue. Continue reading Why You Should Join Clubs on Campus

Extinguish Burnout


Extinguish Burnout Before It’s Too Late “Never tire yourself more than necessary, even if you have to found a culture on the fatigue of your bones” ~Antonin Artaud Exhausted. Lonely. Bored. Mild depression sets in. Deadlines are rapidly approaching. You Continue reading Extinguish Burnout

Top 10 Party Colleges ’16-’17


Boozing, raging, and getting shit-faced! Call it what you want but the goal is the same: have a good time and party like a rockstar! As many of you may have seen from your favorite college movies, the drinking culture Continue reading Top 10 Party Colleges ’16-’17

7 Drinking Games YOU SHOULD KNOW!


Drinking games. A common practice in college life. One who can master a drinking game is one step closer to mastering their college social game. Of course, knowing how to spice up an event wouldn’t hurt. Below I’ll give you Continue reading 7 Drinking Games YOU SHOULD KNOW!