Interview #3- Tiffany Carvalho

August 7, 2017 LennyRich 0

Interview #3—Tiffany Carvalho  “College is just one phase…” This will be the first recorded interview! In this interview, I had the opportunity to chat with […]

Tackling Culture Shock

June 19, 2017 LennyRich 0

Tackling Culture Shock The first days of college are right around the corner. Hastily yet cautiously, you drive your car from the highway and make […]


College-The New Frontier

April 12, 2017 LennyRich 0

“Fear is a friend who’s misunderstood” You’re sitting patiently in your cap and gown. In a few moments, you will have received your high school […]


The Power of a Planner

December 27, 2016 LennyRich 0

The planner. A powerful tool capable of opening the door to endless opportunities. A pillar from which all productivity flows. But why? It’s durable. It’s […]