Debunking the Solo Cup

Rumor or fact? Are party cup lines designed to indicate the optimal serving of alcoholic beverages?

Debunking the Solo Cup

Legend has it that the red solo cup, a staple in the college lifestyle, has (literal) guidelines that help you measure your various alcoholic beverages. The question is: How valid is this information?

Well, there are indeed lines on party cups that measure 1 oz., 5oz., and 12 oz., which are close to perfect measurements for the recommended consumption of liquor, wine, and beer respectively. So, that proves it, right? The cups are designed to provide optimal guidelines for drinking efficiency.

Well…that’s not entirely correct.

Solo (the company that everyone models their party cups after) has gone on record, indicating that their cups were not intentionally designed to measure alcoholic beverages. Instead, the lines are simply for functional performance.

Turns out the lines are a remarkable coincidence

But, hold on! The measurements are still a fairly accurate reference for how much alcohol to pour. So, how can this not be intentional?

My explanation: The drinking gods have simply provided a highly efficient way to help you become inebriated in the form of a simple yet highly valuable piece of plastic.

So, I guess overall the legends are false. Solo did not create a cup for the sake of measuring liquor…but who cares? It works well regardless, so make the most of it!

Myth or not, it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the coincidence in a safe manner!

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