My Suicide Squad Review!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m super, super late but I finally managed to see Suicide Squad. Luckily for me, the university that I attend was showing it for free and for once I had a day off from work so I figured I’d look at it.

Now, in all honesty, I didn’t really know if I’d like the movie. Based on the opinions of my friends and the reviews of critics, I figured the movie would be trash. Because that’s how everyone basically made it out to be. Trash. Now I love DC and Marvel (although DC more) and I was pumped for this movie along with Batman v. Superman–which I also haven’t seen yet but have heard earfuls about as well.

However, it’s my philosophy to never judge anything based off of the opinions of others. My goal is always to watch something like a movie or a tv show with an objective stance. Now for a movie, I think it’s hard to give a subjective opinion while looking at it from a purely objective perspective but I figured I’d give it a shot.

Realistically, despite EVERYONE I talked to (and I’m only barely exaggerating) hating this movie, I enjoyed it. Now I’m not a movie buff or a professional critic so I don’t plan on getting too deep into a review based on cinematography and stuff like that (since the lay viewer most likely gives no shits about that anyway). I prefer to review it based on what I thought was good and not good when it comes to the overall plot and logic of the movie and its characters.

The main gripes I always hear with this movie are: The Joker sucksEnchantress keeps doing this weird dance every scene she’s inthere’s no background to the characters, and the ending would never EVER happen. Out of each complaint, the only one that I thought held up (barely) was the ending where [oh no! here come the spoilers] all of the characters team up to take down Enchantress…together…as a team. Surprise, surprise!!

Every other argument was so insignificant in my humble opinion and didn’t really affect the movie. Actually, some things that people complained about I saw as a better addition to the overall movie.

So first, let’s tackle the argument of whether or not the Joker “sucked”. I thought Jared Leto did a great job. Especially considering he only had a handful of scenes I think he stuck out well as a potentially interesting Joker in a future Batman movie (if he ever makes a re-appearance). Joker is my absolute favorite villain coming out of basically every show, movie, or comic I’ve ever viewed. I wouldn’t say Leto’s Joker sucked at all. Now Caesar Romero’s Joker sucked (but then again if you take that iteration of Batman by itself without comparing it to any other Batman material, he’s not so bad).

Anyway, I thought the outfits were great. Say what you want about the tats and the teeth, it’s all really personal preference in design, which shouldn’t really affect your opinion of his performance or the movie as a whole. Now here’s the real question: Is he Heath Ledger’s Joker? Honestly, I can’t compare the two at all and I don’t think anyone else should. Why? Well, in the film The Dark Knight, Ledger’s Joker was the main antagonist and a lot of time is put into setting up parallels between the clown and the bat. We see this heavily as we learn about his mission to bring chaos and cause corruption to those who believe themselves to be incorruptible. On the other hand, Leto’s Joker isn’t very similar with that regard.

For one, I think that people forget that this ISN’T a Batman movie. This isn’t even a spinoff Joker movie. This is a movie about a group of villains that work together to take out another…villain (although I use that term kinda loosely). But moving on…

Sure, Joker’s runtime was short but it was appropriate. Put in too much Joker and the B plot of the movie (and I hardly want to call it that) dominates the main plot. Take away the Joker and you lose a huge motivational tool for Harley Quinn, which makes the bond of the other characters seem too forced otherwise.

In any case, I’m not comparing Leto’s Joker to Ledger’s only because seven minutes of screen time can’t be compared to over a half an hour of specific focus to the character.

Next, we have Enchantress’s dancing. I’m just going to say this, she hardly ever did this dancing that people complained about. As I watched, I noticed that a lot of the shots of her were about from the neck up. She really only did the dancing thing about twice And each instance was only around a few seconds each so I can’t really call that complain-worthy.

Now, addressing the background of the characters, I didn’t find this to be a huge issue at all. We got a good chunk of background from Deadshot. Enough to know what motivates him for the plot. We got a really good chunk of background from Harley Quinn. Enough to know what motivates her for the main plot and to kick start that B plot I mentioned earlier. And while we know only a smidge about Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, and Rick Flagg, we know enough about them. In all honesty, you could replace each of them in the plot and it wouldn’t change anything with maybe an exception to Rick Flagg.

You could especially lose Killer Croc (who I actually disliked in the movie–but we’ll get to that a little later).

I think we obtained all that we needed to know from them without sacrificing precious runtime. And to be honest, I think not saying much about them helps drive comic sales or at least curiosity. I mean, I want to know more about Katana and Captain Boomerang and their backgrounds. I left out El Diablo because while his story wasn’t really addressed in the beginning, it was expanded on in the end for the sake of empathy and those sweet, sweet feels.

Lastly, there’s the ending. Many have argued that those characters would never help out the city and they wouldv’e just escaped. I;m on the middle on this one because while I can see most of them pulling a Capt. Boomerang and hauling ass instantly, I can also kind of see them staying together as they did.

I think the movie was trying to emphasize that even though they’re “bad guys”, they aren’t necessarily bad guys. I think this is first seen when El Diablo refuses to fight anyone even though we later see that he could easily take down large groups by himself. I mean, it was shown that he had near godlike powers at the end of the movie. Their overall morals are shown again later on when Deadshot doesn’t kill Harley despite his overall personality and attitude suggesting that he’d kill her in an instant for his own gain. Finally, there’s the bar scene where they all talk about how they’re kind of outcasts after they hear El Diablo’s story.

Considering the buildup and comradery they had started to develop and display as the movie went on, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to think that they’d help out for a change. I mean, this isn’t the first time a fictional character who was deemed a bad guy made a move that was ultimately considered good.

With all that being said, there’s only one thing that really bothered me. I will say that this detail isn’t that bad and didn’t really affect the movie but I personally had grievances with this issue. I’ll just spit it out: I was bothered by Killer Croc. More than bothered, I hated his character. For one, he never really talks or does anything the entire movie. Two, his outfit is kind of pointless to me. Why does he hide his appearance as if they didn’t have the budget to put him in full croc appearance more often. Three: I absolutely despise how small they made him compared to his comic book counterpart.

I don’t like comparing the comics to the movies too much but I think CGI might have been the better call here. I get their desire to go with realism here but I think the applied scale texture looked overdone and since he’s hidden in 3/4 of the scenes he’s in by a hoodie it really seems like a useless effort. The fourth thing that really kind of did it for me is that he didn’t really have any lines and the four lines that he did have were barely understandable. Now, maybe the speakers that the theater had were bad but I honestly only…kind of…heard one line from him when they were in the bar. I mean, his character already has a cajun accent. We go the extra mile and make him even more difficult to understand!?!

But besides that, I thought the movie was great and I’m hoping to see more, darker DCU movies.

Any comments or questions? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.