The Art of Pregaming


Understanding the Art of Pregaming Saturday evening. The sun’s slowly starting to set, This week’s exams and papers have tested your patience. But it’s all in the past. You’ve prevailed. A night at the bar with friends is in order. Continue reading The Art of Pregaming

The Power of a Planner


The planner. A powerful tool capable of opening the door to endless opportunities. A pillar from which all productivity flows. But why? It’s durable. It’s inexpensive. But most importantly, it’s damn useful. College has a nasty habit of throwing a Continue reading The Power of a Planner

What’s College Conqueror About?


College Conqueror —What is it? The objective of College Conqueror is to provide some ease of access to relevant topics, information, and challenges that many of us face while in college and even after college. College is an entirely new Continue reading What’s College Conqueror About?

Textbooks-To Buy or Not to Buy?


“Buy the book”, he said. “You’re gonna need it”, she said. Don’t believe what either person says, it’s all lies!   Honestly, when I was a Freshman there were several words that could sum me up: Small. Childish. Immature. But Continue reading Textbooks-To Buy or Not to Buy?