Tackling Culture Shock

Tackling Culture Shock The first days of college are right around the corner. Hastily yet cautiously, you drive your car from the highway and make your way past the grand sign of your university. It’s official. You are now a Continue reading Tackling Culture Shock

Opinion#4- Finding Your Tribe


Finding Your Tribe Typically, whenever I read college-related articles or use books for research purposes, the majority of the information tends to seep into the category of academics. Makes sense, I guess, but that kind of leaves more to be Continue reading Opinion#4- Finding Your Tribe

Opinion #3: The Business of Education

  With college tuition constantly on the rise and student loan debt consequently increasing, one is forced to ponder whether college is a worthwhile and what one is expected to get out of it. The main thought: do college still Continue reading Opinion #3: The Business of Education

Craft the Perfect Deadline


Deadlines—An Indispensable Skill Wake up. Stop procrastinating. Get moving. There’s work to be done! There’s an expression, “Time and tide wait for no man”. I’ve interpreted this saying to mean that whether you choose to act or not, time will Continue reading Craft the Perfect Deadline