Top Cheapest Beers

July 26, 2017 LennyRich 0

Top Cheapest Beers If you’re a college student, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of broke. Pinching pennies with barely enough to spend on […]


Debunking the Solo Cup

June 23, 2017 LennyRich 0

Debunking the Solo Cup Legend has it that the red solo cup, a staple in the college lifestyle, has (literal) guidelines that help you measure […]

Tackling Culture Shock

June 19, 2017 LennyRich 0

Tackling Culture Shock The first days of college are right around the corner. Hastily yet cautiously, you drive your car from the highway and make […]


Opinion#4- Finding Your Tribe

June 16, 2017 LennyRich 0

Finding Your Tribe Typically, whenever I read college-related articles or use books for research purposes, the majority of the information tends to seep into the […]

Casual Clothing for Class

May 24, 2017 LennyRich 0

Class-worthy Clothing The beginning of the school year always feels great! It’s a new semester. There are new people to meet and tons of fresh […]