Top 9 Academic Youtube Channels


The Top 9 Academic Youtube Channels! Whenever I get the chance, I encourage people, students and non-students alike, to watch Youtube! Now I’m not saying to go searching for cat videos, pranks, or for the latest music videos. However, I Continue reading Top 9 Academic Youtube Channels

Networking-What is it?


Networking—What is It? There’s a common saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Now, while the validity of that statement is often debated, there is one thing that’s certain. Networking is very important in your life and Continue reading Networking-What is it?

Crush your Classes-Master Studying!


Studying…it’s not fun. For many of us, it’s not very enjoyable. It can be a chore to sit down in front of pages upon pages of notes. The black ink from your pen stares back at you. Quite honestly, it’s intimidating. Continue reading Crush your Classes-Master Studying!

Secret to getting Smarter: Let’s get physical!


The Secret: Exercise! Upon entering college, you probably had a mild understanding of your objective. Get in. Kick ass. Graduate. Find a job. Make that money. Live happily ever after. To do so requires a great deal of effort and Continue reading Secret to getting Smarter: Let’s get physical!