The Art of Pregaming

College Students Pregaming

Understanding the Art of Pregaming

Saturday evening. The sun’s slowly starting to set, This week’s exams and papers have tested your patience. But it’s all in the past. You’ve prevailed. A night at the bar with friends is in order. Time to down a beer. Or two. Or three…hell, why not even ten while you’re at it. You’re young. Agile. Budding. Reward yourself. You deserve it. But wait! You realize that the bar will be crowded. Drinking to your content won’t be easy…and it won’t come cheap. Realizing the severity of the situation, you ponder a solution. Some way to spend less while consuming the desired amount of libations.

Exhausted Student

Suddenly, it hits you. A single, clear word flows through your mind as if whispered from lady destiny herself.



That’s it! You need to pregame!

Pregaming is a sacred art that should be known in college. Pregaming involves drinking (I recommend with friends) in order to achieve a desired level of drunkenness before going to the intended destination.

Now, I’m not advocating drinking in college (excessive or otherwise) but I understand it’s a common practice in college. Pregaming has quite a few purposes. 3 of the main purposes:

  1. Saving money

  2. Opening up to the intended event more easily

  3. Having fun with friends

Money can be tight for the average college student. And typically, bars aren’t cheap. Also, keep in mind that on a busy night, getting a drink may take a few minutes each time. Pregaming allows you to save money by getting personal beers or liquor (which is cheaper than the bar) before going out.

Think about it. One of the greatest struggles you may face in college is worrying about your cash. For some of us, stretching that final 10 dollars is a common practice.

But objectively speaking, pregaming is far more frugal and much more efficient. Let’s compare:

At a bar, a fireball shot can cost around 7 dollars (maybe 3-5 if you take advantage of Happy Hour).

At home, during your epic pregame, your bottle of fireball will cost you about 15 dollars (on average) and you’ll be able to take 15+ shots. You do the math.

But cost aside, the ultimate rule of pregaming is that balance is a major key. You see, properly pregaming is a science. Like mixing chemicals, too much of a component will yield the poor results. Similarly, too little and you’ll still create the wrong mixture or perhaps an entirely different composition. Either can be catastrophic. Often, the goal of pregaming is forgotten once the act begins. Friends will gather. You’ll all drink excessively. And next thing you know, your friends are puking in the bathroom sink while the cops are banging on the door. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life.

Sleepy Raver

Remember, the goal is to get enough to drink to the point of feeling good while also going out to enjoy yourself. Drink too much and you can’t go out. Drink too little and you’re not in prime status when you go out, meaning your wallet will suffer,

If everything is done correctly, I can guarantee you’ll find yourself in both alcoholic and financial nirvana—at least for the night.

But how do you feel about the art of pregaming? Has it worked for you? Do you have any interesting or exciting pregame stories? Feel free to message me or shoot me an email! I’d be interested to hear them! And as usual, thanks for reading!


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