Top 9 Academic Youtube Channels


The Top 9 Academic Youtube Channels!

Check out these 9 channels!

Whenever I get the chance, I encourage people, students and non-students alike, to watch Youtube! Now I’m not saying to go searching for cat videos, pranks, or for the latest music videos. However, I do highly recommend searching for educational Youtube videos. As mentioned in a previous post, Youtube has a lot of extremely high-quality videos that are both highly informative as well as amazingly entertaining. Why do I advocate Youtube so much? Well, I personally love watching Youtube myself. In fact, I rarely watch standard cable television and instead opt for Youtube videos.

My reasons: They’re typically fairly short and easy to digest, the content feels more direct (the videos tend to get straight to the point rather than fill up time for a 23 minute slot like cable), no commercials (excluding ads), and it’s free as long as you have an internet connection.

With literally millions and millions of videos being uploaded by the second, there’s typically something available for everyone. For the sake of this post, I wanted to focus on Youtube channels that college students could benefit from. If you’ve read my post about Choosing your Professors, you may recall my statement that sometimes your teachers don’t always provide information in the clearest or effective manner. If that’s the case, you might need alternative means to understand and truly comprehend the content. The Youtube Channels on this list will allow you to understand the material and will make you enjoy the work more as you learn (something that isn’t always focused on in the classroom).

Check out Youtube on the go to make your down time more productive!

This list I’ve compiled are channels that I think are an overall benefit to any college student regardless of major. They are organized from what I believe is the least useful video (and I’ll provide my reasons why) to the most useful videos. Keep in mind that this is merely my opinion based on the overall content, quality, and subject matter that each channel offers as well as how much content is available and how frequently they create new videos. Without further ado, let’s get to the list:


 Math can be a very difficult subject for many of us. It can be hard to wrap your head around many of the concepts, especially once you begin to get into varying levels of Calculus. Honestly, there may be times when the textbooks you buy and the professors you have just aren’t able to explain the material adequately enough for you to understand. PatrickJMT is a good solution to this common problem. With about 2000 videos explaining everything from arcs to limits and integrals, as well as example problems to get you practicing, you should be on your way to acing those math courses.

Why is it so high on the list? Well, this is mostly due to the nature of the channel as a whole and what it provides. While the channel is great for engineers and science majors that are heavily involved in math, there are still many majors that don’t rely much on math and wouldn’t benefit as much from this channel. Nevertheless, it’s still a great channel and worth checking out!


Philosophy Tube

As a personal fan of philosophy, I found this channel to be pretty interesting and figured it should make the list. As you may have read from other posts (and you’ll probably have the benefit of reading in a future post), a big part of college is expanding your mind and opening yourself up to the world around you. The expectation isn’t necessarily to change your mind and opinions but rather it’s recommended that you take into consideration other options and ask why. At its very essence, this is what philosophy is all about.

Philosophy Tube asks various questions and presents general concepts about life in a way that’s easy to digest while allowing you to dive deeper into the content in the future. While the majority of you out there probably aren’t philosophy majors, I think the content the channel provides is great at simply making you think about varying topics such as politics, economy, and what it means to be alive in general.



Another personal favorite of mine. While AsapScience won’t necessarily make you an expert in biology, physics, or chemistry, the channel does do a great job at presenting questions regarding science and answering them with funny, short animations. It gets the brain juices flowing. Even if you aren’t a huge science fan, you can still enjoy the videos as the information is presented in a way that’s clear to understand and free from any jargon or other technical information that any kind of student could understand. Also, the content is relatively applicable to everyone’s lives in general and can offer some thought-provoking hypotheticals such as What if Humans Didn’t Exist or The Science Behind Motivation.


Grant Thompson

This channel is simply awesome. Grant Thompson, The king of random, has a plethora of videos stretching from lifehacks to do it yourself projects. I think engineers especially as well as any science majors would truly benefit from this and enjoy it but realistically, his videos do a great job at not excluding anyone. No matter who you are, there’s probably something that might interest you and compel you to break out the hammer!



The name of the channel speaks for itself. This channel dives into breaking down…how things work. The content aims to view things at its core and understand what’s really occurring on a more general yet critical level. Prepare to have your mind blown with some of the videos. Although the videos tend to not be extremely technical, they do encourage opening one’s mind to different areas in ways that they might not have considered.



If you saw my article on 8 Websites to Enhance your College Life you might have noticed that I listed KhanAcademy as one of my recommended top websites. Much like their website, their youtube channel takes a wide variety of topics from basic Math to Economics and even something as specific as How Credit Cards work and breaks them down into easily understood videos. Some of the channels on this list focused on more broad topics that were designed to open your mind up to different concepts.

While KhanAcademy certainly does an excellent job at opening your mind up various concepts, it also specializes in teaching you the specifics of the concept and how to actually understand them. For example, if you’re confused about how a specific formula in calculus may apply, KhanAcademy will show the formula, what the formula’s composed of, the reason behind the composition, and teach you how to apply it to problems you may encounter in class. Basically, if you find yourself stumbling on a concept from a lecture, this should be one of the first places to go.



There’s a chance you may have heard of TedEd or at least something related to it (perhaps TedTalks). Where Ted-Talks videos are designed to present information to you on a broader level (also worth watching), TedEd provides short animations that are designed to teach and present to you new concepts in various fields that you may not have considered.

While both channels are amazing, I ultimately chose TedEd due to the shorter videos, entertaining animations, and it’s easily digestible format. Sometimes, TedTalks videos can be fairly lengthy (lasting around 20-30 minutes on average). I understand that college students are busy and that time is crucial. However, if you have any extra time, I encourage you to also check out TedTalks main channel for more comprehensive information on different topics.



Spanning hundreds of videos ranging on topics such as biology, psychology, and physics, Seeker features short, easily understood videos about interesting concepts while breaking down the research and science for it as well in order to provide explanations. This channel is highly recommended for the curious mind. If you have a burning question that you need answers for, chances are that Seeker has covered it or something similar.



This is by far one of my favorite Youtube Channels as well as my top pick for educational channels. As a personal testament, I watch CrashCourse every day. To put it bluntly, this channel has everything. Whether you need help in Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, or perhaps even Astronomy or Gaming, this channel has a very in-depth series detailing that concept and breaking it down. The animations will keep you entertained throughout the entire process and the hosts of each subject all have personalities that will compel you to binge-watch every video.

I’ve recently watched their Philosophy, Economics, and Biology series and I’m just beginning to get into their Sociology and Mythology series (just to further demonstrate the scale of their content).

Even if you only have a few minutes, you’ll quickly discover that CrashCourse’s videos aren’t extremely long. From what I’ve seen, most videos tend to average about 10 minutes or so (although this could vary on the topic). This is probably the ultimate channel for students as you’ll learn more that can be applied to your classes while also becoming so interested that you’ll think about the concepts presented during your free time.

These were just the 9 academic youtube channels that I found to be most helpful for students. In your free time, I highly encourage everyone to take a look at these channels! Also, if you do watch these, please be sure to subscribe to the channels in order to support the teams behind them (it will allow them to make better content faster and it only takes a single button click at no cost to you).

Did you find any of these channels useful? Do you know of any other channels that you found interesting that weren’t on this list? Please, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments. Thanks for reading!