Top 10 Party Colleges ’16-’17


Boozing, raging, and getting shit-faced! Call it what you want but the goal is the same: have a good time and party like a rockstar!

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As many of you may have seen from your favorite college movies, the drinking culture on college campuses is fairly large. For those of you applying to college, it’s helpful to know what schools you may (or may not) want to head to. And for those of you in college already, you’ll get to see where your school stacks up this year!

This list is based on the top listings from various websites like,  The Princeton Review, and The Huffington Post just to name a few. Basically, I compared a variety of lists, checked where schools stacked up, and put each school in positions based on an average of where schools fell on the other lists.

Now, the schools on this list receive their rankings based on the student’s opinions of bar life, overall athletics, and the popularity of greek life across the campus. There’s other factors that were taken into consideration as well such as the amount of daily drug and alcohol use as well as how frequently students reported studying.

Basically, the higher the list, the more likely the school is home to a bunch of degenerates. But the do have amazing school pride!

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But all joking aside (am I joking), here’s a list of the Top 10 Party Schools!

  1. West Virginia U

    West Virginia University


  2. University of Indiana

    University of Indiana


  3. University of Iowa

    University of Iowa


  4. University of Wisconsin

    University of Wisconsin


  5. University of Illinois

    University of Iowa


  6. Lehigh University

    Lehigh University


  7. Bucknell University

    Bucknell University


  8. University of Georgia

    University of Georgia


  9. Tulane University

    Tulane University


  10. University of Mississippi

    University of Mississippi


These are the 10 schools that party the hardest!

Did your school make the cut? If not, then stop slacking off and step your collective college game up! If your school did make the list, raise your red solo cups for a toast. A celebration is in order…of course, you guys don’t need a reason to party, do you? I mean, isn’t that what got you on the list in the first place?